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Tami Showers

Your Artertainer

The Cruisin' Canvas came to life in December 2011. After almost 20 years of dreaming, trying to figure out how my passion to explore a career in Art could become a reality...I juggled The Cruisin' Canvas with my full-time job and, in August 2013, I was fortunate enough to take a leap of faith and follow that dream full-time. I feel very blessed to be able to bring the studio to you today! 

My background is in Fine Arts/Graphic Design and I've been pursuing my creative gifts since third grade. Currently, I specialize in painting with acrylics and creating art with glass. 

I am passionate about living some of my boldest dreams through The Cruisin' Canvas. I believe that a dream is, "God tapping at the door of your soul, " saying, "let me express more of Myself in you, through you, and as you." We won't regret giving ourselves permission to explore and understand the power and potential within our dreams, but we may regret never trying! So, follow your dreams!

Your boldest dreams are God's invitation to the greatest adventure of your life! They come to you because they are for you! The Cruisin' Canvas encourages you to relax with us, be creative and live a better life. Paint with Tami, have a ton of Fun and you'll be inspired!

"Believe you can, and you are halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt

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